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Dr. Sia AH

1962 - 2022

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In loving memory of the late

Dr. Sia Ah Hiok

"Yes I truly believe, in everything we do- do it with good purpose and meaning and there will be many kind souls who rally with you! That's multiplication of goodness that we all need in this world! Also seek God’s Hand and guidance in it." -Dr. Sia

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May she live on in all our memories and the stories we tell.

You may create an album / add a single photo and share your story with Dr. Sia in the comments. 

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Resting place @ Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai (SFK Plot)

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The 'Drive' sums up beautifully the flare of late Dr. Sia AH's lifelong passion in life-coaching. For the thousands of lives she has inspired, let's carry her torch and inspire those around us. 

Get a copy for yourself or chat with our admins to donate the books to others, institutions or organizations of your choice. 

Proceeds from the book sales will go to charity. 

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