Are you struggling to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals?

Do you feel your life could be better and more fulfilling?


Discover that the answer lies in your inner self! Find out how to change the way you think and transform your life. Understand the wholesome motivation of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart. Live your life with Mindfulness, self-love, and design-thinking for a breakthrough.


Special section for students: How to study and Victory over exams!


Dr Sia Ah Hiok has inspired more than 30,000 people in ten countries through her motivational talks, workshops, corporate training, coaching, and resource sharing. She is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy. Her prowess is in her ability to speak well publicly, engaging effectively with her audience, and leaving her audience inspired. Recent years has seen more demands for her personalized coaching using NLP techniques to help individuals improve their quality of life. This book has been sold more than 4,500 copies before it was released.


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Drive by Dr. Sia (Bahasa Hardcopy)

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